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Nicole has worked in many high stress environments and loves when we get the opportunity to capture an emotional and honest moment. Nicole has worked on several Documentary productions as a Producer, Editor and Director. She has taught High School and College level video editing and production classes as well as Digital Imaging courses.


Zeke is a gifted motion graphics artist and videographer. Zeke has worked in the film industry for over 10 years and is always the calm in the middle of the storm. Zeke stays on top of the latest technology and media trends and will always make sure his videos look the best they possibly can. 



Our good friend Devan was getting married and started asking us about what we thought about hiring a videographer. While neither of us had ever filmed a wedding we had both been apart of numerous productions and events as Directors, Producers and Editors. We knew that we could handle this and offered to step up to the plate. We planned out the day, talked to the vendors, had shot lists on our phones and granola bars in our pockets. We found ourselves smiling during vows, dancing in the corners, laughing at the speeches and just over all having a great time and it was at that point that we started to think - Hey! This is a fun way to earn a living! So here we are, helping you remember your special day by keeping the cameras rolling, in focus and out of the way. Thank you for letting us be apart of your big day.


Zeke Kubisch always had a flare for learning the newest cuts and effects. He started making videos in his back yard with his friends in high school and never stopped. One of his favorite things to do is take on projects that really help him push his limits and try new, fun and fast skills. At Fear Less Studios we are always pushing ourselves to stay current and have fun. Check out some of Zeke's work on Music Videos here.


We both have a passion for life and living. We believe that fear is only a motivator so we push ourselves to constantly try new and different things not only in our work lives but in our personal lives as well. When I joined the Albany All Star Roller Derby Team a couple years ago I took my camera with me when ever possible. Check out some Behind The Scenes videos that we cut as well as some promo videos we did for the team.


We believe in Community and expanding boundaries. Any chance we get to help business grow, especially local ones, we jump on it.  We have done commercial work for websites, TV, and social media. Let us know if you want to give your business a push with a polished look.


Troy, NY, USA

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