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A Wedding of Mermaids and Scallywags! Lindsay and Derk 06/09/19

This summer we had the pleasure of jumping on a plane and heading to a tropical land where the Scallywags and Mermaids of Upstate NY go to get married. We had never been to the Keys before so we were excited, overwhelmed and ready to take on something new. We accidently ran into the couple at sunset on the beach the night before the wedding and their excitement was palpable! We were ready to take on these two and their amazing wedding party.

Lindsay and Derk took care to make sure that they customized every detail of the wedding and things were done in a way that was personalized. Check out this footwear! Not to mention more of the footwear that was featured... but I don't want to get ahead of myself. 

Lindsay was truly a mermaid bride. She just wanted to be able to see and smell the sea, have a drink with her friends and enjoy a day with her loved ones by the sea. Her beautiful footwear was a favorite of mine, but her pink hair and sea glass jewelry (not to mention those flowers!) made her look like a magical creature on the big day! pin posts and more!

 One of the things that was very obvious with this couple is that they knew what made them happy and they wanted to share that joy with everyone they loved to share in that. When I ran into Lindsay and Derk on the beach watching the sunset up to their knees in the water at their Rehearsal Dinner she ran up to us and said "Everyone I love is in the place that I love and it is the happiest I have ever been". This was clear through the ceremony and later into the night.  

 When the first dance came, the couple shocked everyone, not only with their skills, but with an amazing "dance". They scooted out in their Roller Skates. They met playing Roller Derby and this was just another example how they personalized their wedding to be theirs and wanted to share the things that made them the most happy with the people that made them the most happy. 

 When sunset came it was a photo opportunity for sure. Lisa and Greg Poland knew that we had a chance for some amazing shots of the couple and they were right. We stopped what we were doing dragged the newlyweds away from dinner (willingly) and captured a gorgeous Keys sunset to top off a gorgeous Keys day. 

The couple finished the night jumping into the pool and we are still finishing up the final touches of their wedding video  (and dreaming about going swimming) back home in Troy, NY. We are very excited to share it when it is finished. When we are done we will include it here, in our gallery and on our FaceBook Page. Check back soon to see who won the dance floor - the Scallywags or the Mermaids! 

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